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“So while white male US scientists can’t seem to figure out…”

“So while white male US scientists can’t seem to figure out alternative energy at all but these three girls converted pee into electricity.” Love it. Read the whole thing here: http://www.notsorryfeminism.com/2014/08/amazing-girls-of-color20.html

The Default Male

“Why the Default Male is Not Just Annoying, But Also Harmful” check it out at http://cratesandribbons.com/2013/01/27/why-the-default-male-is-not-just-annoying-but-also-harmful/#comment-124981

Why Women are Leaving Law Firms

“Here’s my theory: women aren’t leaving law firms at an abnormal rate. They’re leaving law firms at a perfectly rational and normal rate. It’s men who are staying in law firms at an abnormal rate. Women aren’t the faulty outliers; men are. “When you look at the situation that way, a lot of things start …

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The Hawkeye Initiative – Go Take a Look NOW!

http://thehawkeyeinitiative.com/ This is the best thing I’ve discovered in a LONG time. Hopefully millions will discover it and maybe, just maybe, men will begin to ‘get it’.

We are tired. So tired.

“We are tired of being forced to see the world through [the heterosexual male gaze].” Missfit http://www.feministcurrent.com/2014/11/19/in-defense-of-kim-kardashian-and-her-critics/