October 2014 archive

The threats regarding Sarkeesian’s talk

This just posted at feminist philosophers: Terroristic threats against Utah State University regarding feminist Anita Sarkeesian An email sent to Utah State University officials threatens to terrorize the school with a deadly shooting over a talk to be delivered by feminist critic and Tropes vs. Women in Video Games creator Anita Sarkeesian, Polygon confirmed with the school’s …

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Vote? WTF?

So I noticed the “Question of the Day” feature on the Weather Network website, which typically poses a question along with four response options, inviting site visitors to “Vote”. I haven’t done a survey, but I suspect this sort of thing is not unusual. Which makes it all the more disturbing. Why? Because often the …

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When does the magical metamorphosis happen?

Our brothers were bossy know-it-alls, and they did cruel things to us and to animals. The boys in our class taunted us and always got into fights with each other. They were rude and forever demanding to be the center of attention. In high school, they became socially awkward, struggled with the material, and became …

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