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Making Taxes Gender-Fair

Since men commit 90% of the crime, they should pay 90% of the tax that supports the judicial system. Prisons are expensive to build and maintain. As are prisoners – they don’t work while they’re in prison, so we have to support them. Then there’s the expense of the police forces and courts that get …

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Cellphone Syndrome

Originally written when cellphones first appeared.  Don’t think I’d change a thing. Has there been a more transparent advertisement of insecurity? Look at me, I’m so popular!  Everyone’s calling me!  I have so many friends!  Answer that thing one more time when I’m with you, you’ll have one less. Look at me, I’m so busy!  …

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And now for something completely depressing

And now for something completely depressing:

Pointlessly Gendered Products

Check it out: Be sure to read the comments/captions. They’re great.