Intelligent Design vs Evolution

It’s ironic that the stupid people are backing intelligent design, and the intelligent people are backing dumbfuck non-design. That’s essentially what evolution is: whatever traits lead to increased reproduction, those are the ones that survive.

And what traits lead to reproduction? Not intelligence, that’s for sure. Intelligent women don’t want to have ten kids. They’d rather be doing medical research, composing sonatas, studying society. And intelligent men? They’re not cruising the bars. They’re home with a good book if they’re not still in the office or the lab. It’s stupid women who forget to take the pill or don’t get a tubal ligation. And it’s stupid men who don’t use a condom or get a vasectomy. And it’s stupid brute force that rapes. And those men aren’t targeting the intellectuals. So we’re evolving all right. Right into propagated species-wide stupidity.

But isn’t evolution all about survival of the fittest? Yeah…fittest to the environment. And since stupid people, the ones reproducing, don’t even know what an ‘ecological footprint’ is, let alone have the character (and here I include both a certain morality and self-discipline) to minimize their ecological footprint, we’re not going to survive.

Which means maybe evolution is intelligent design after all.


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    • KEB on February 20, 2013 at 2:43 pm
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    I can see what your saying and realize that what I’m about to write is not from the same viewpoint. But as a current Biology student in evolution and biological ethics classes, I would like to point out that evolution refers to changes in a population of a species over a long period of time (millions of years) due to environmental pressures (i.e. drought, changes in climate, disease, loss of habitat, etc.)which leads to the individuals who have traits that better survive the pressures to survive and reproduce, therefore passing on those traits to the next generation. Humans have in recent centuries, learned to control and negate most environmental pressures. This means that natural selection is no longer a major issue to human populations. Survival of the fittest does not apply.
    On a non evolution standpoint,if you want to change human actions, you have to educate the public. This way they can make informed choices. Using techno-babble doesn’t help and out of context information will only hurt in the long run.

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