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Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason (Routledge, 2011)

“Peg Tittle’s Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason is the ideal book for any class, philosophy and otherwise, in which evaluating arguments is central. Few texts are as thorough, and none are as accessible, clear, and pleasurable. Critical Thinking is chock-full of examples of arguments and fallacies from Tittle’s fecund imagination, as well as an astonishing breadth of sources from classic to contemporary—enough to capture any student’s attention. Add to this some wonderfully lucid diagrams, and you have a book that is unmatched by any in its field.” -Ron Cooper, Professor of Philosophy, College of Central Florida

Critical Thinking is appealing because it is carefully and clearly written, presents concrete and contemporary examples, and is well organized to capture the heuristic that guides students in learning to think critically. In addition, the template for the critical analysis of arguments (introduced in Chapter 1 and helpfully repeated in each chapter) is clear and effective.” -Lauren Weis, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion, American University

“Peg Tittle’s Critical Thinking is a welcome addition to a crowded field. Her presentations of the material are engaging, often presented in a conversational discussion with the reader or student. The text’s coverage of the material is wide-ranging. Newspaper items, snippets from The Far Side, personal anecdotes, emerging social and political debates, as well as LSAT sample questions are among the many tools Tittle employs to educate students on the elemental aspects of logic and critical thinking.” -Alexander E. Hooke, Professor of Philosophy, Stevenson University

what if collected thought experiments in philosophyWhat If?… Collected Thought Experiments in Philosophy (Longman, 2005)

“You want a mental challenge? Put down your Soduku and pick up What If?…[read more]” – Anonymous

“The most valuable instructional tool I have ever used in my philosophy classes…[read more]” – Ron Cooper, Ph.D., author of the satirical novel Hume’s Fork

“…not only a good reference for finding famous thought experiments… also a nice way to get a taste of a variety of periods and ideas…[read more]” – J. Robbins

“It’s terrific!” – Dale Jamieson, Professor of Environmental Studies and Philosophy, NYU

“… a really neat little book … would probably work much better than the standard anthology of readings…[read more]” – Nathan Nobis, Morehouse College

“…it makes an introduction to philosophy an invitation to thought itself…[read more]” – Daniel Fernandez, New School for Social Research, APA Newsletter Teaching Philosophy

should parents be licensedShould Parents Be Licensed? Debating the Issues (Prometheus, 2004)

“Reading about parents who entomb their babies in cement or who abandon their children as a matter of course makes me think that Peg Tittle is on to something…[read more]” – Denise-Marie Santiago, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

“…a lot of interesting essays you won’t easily find elsewhere … very controversial and touchy subject … offers interesting perspectives that should be considered…[read more]” – Austin Cline,

“You need a license to drive a car, own a gun, or fish for trout. You don’t need a licence to raise a child…[read more]” – Ian Gillespie, The London Free Press


ethical issues social commentary gender feminismEthical Issues in Business: Inquiries, Cases, and Readings (Broadview, 2000)

“The core of this text comprises chapters on all the key issues of business in Canada today. … comprehensive and useable course text particularly helpful for Canadian students…[read more]” – Society for Business Ethics Newsletter

“…a comprehensive package of articles, cases, and background discussion that provides an outstanding introduction to the subject…[read more]” – Paul Viminitz, University of Lethbridge

“…the issues raised apply universally… a superb introduction to ethics in business…[read more]” – Steve Deery, The Philosophers’ Magazine

“…an extraordinarily useful book that teaches people to question and analyze key concepts. … Tittle challenges Canada’s future business leaders to justify profit on ethical grounds… This book should be required reading…[read more]” – Ellen Roseman, The Toronto Star

philosophy gender religion education sportsPhilosophy: Questions and Theories – contributing author (McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2003)

Ethical Issues in Business

Ethical Issues in Business: Inquiries, Cases, and Readings – 2nd Edition Broadview Press  2016 Peg Tittle’s ambitious business ethics text brings together readings, cases, and the author’s own informed opinions. The second edition includes over a dozen new readings and case studies, as well as a new chapter on issues in Information and Communication Technology. …


Gender Fraud

In a near-future, ‘gender recognition’ legislation is repealed, and it becomes illegal for males to identify as females and females to identify as males.  However, due in part to the continued conflation of sex and gender and in part to the insistence that gender align with sex, it also becomes illegal for males to be …


Impact presents an extended confrontation between a sexual assault victim and her assailants, as part of an imagined slightly revised court process, in order to understand why they did what they did and, on that basis, to make a recommendation to the court regarding sentence. It does not go … as expected.     Magenta …

It Wasn’t Enough

  What if one day, all of the women suddenly disappeared, leaving the men to take their places, fill their roles, do what they did.  What would happen?  How would the men react? Here and now, women’s subordination is so systemic it’s unremarkable (to all but serious feminists).  In It Wasn’t Enough, once women are …

Just…think about it

A collection of think pieces on a variety of topics: the environment, business, rights and responsibilities, social issues, ethics, education, sports, religion, and so on. An omnibus of the four Shit that Pisses Me Off volumes,* plus over a hundred additional pieces. * minus the pieces that address sexism, which are anthologized in Sexist Shit …

No end to the shit that pisses me off

War rape, profit, baby androids, tax exemptions for churches, make-up, having kids, assisted suicide, abortion, grades inflation, littering, business ethics… Philosophy with an attitude. Because the unexamined life is dangerous.   Magenta  2013 Note to regular visitors and subscribers to “Bite-Sized Subversions” – No End to the Shit that Pisses Me Off is a collection …

Philosophy: Questions and Theories

  Philosophy: Questions and Theories, Paul Paquette and Laura Gini-Newman (eds.) McGraw-Hill  2002   Peg Tittle, contributing author (three ethics chapters)     Available in print at Amazon.     I already had one copy of this book lying around somewhere, but I couldn’t for the life of me find it. Since I’m a philosophy major, …

Should Parents Be Licensed?

Should Parents Be Licensed?: Debating the Issues Prometheus  2004   Would-be teachers are generally required to study fulltime for at least eight months before the state will allow them the responsibility of educating children for six hours a day. Many would say we have set the bar too low. And yet we haven’t even set …

Still More Shit That Pisses Me Off

Pregnant men, paying stay-at-home moms, advertising, income tax deductions, people skills, boy books, speech codes, porn, god, testicular battery and tranquilizer guns, the Academy Awards, intelligent design and evolution… Philosophy with attitude. Because the unexamined life is dangerous.   Magenta  2012 Note to regular visitors and subscribers to “Bite-Sized Subversions” – Still More Shit that …

What Happened to Tom

What if…

What If?… Collected Thought Experiments in Philosophy Routledge  2004   What If. . .Collected Thought Experiments in Philosophy is a brief collection of over 100 classic and contemporary “thought experiments,” each exploring an important philosophical argument. These thought experiments introduce students to the kind of disciplined thought required in philosophy, and awaken their intellectual curiosity. Featuring a …

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason Routledge  2011   In Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason, Peg Tittle empowers students with a solid grounding in the lifelong skills of considered analysis and argumentation that should underpin every student’s education. Starting with the building blocks of a good argument, this comprehensive new textbook offers a full course in …

More shit that pisses me off

  More thought-provocations about everyday things: men who spit, guns, cell phones, the right to life, school crossing signs, inner peace, figure skating, grade ten history, sex, AIDS, christmas elves, first contact, soldiers and mothers… Philosophy with attitude. Because the unexamined life is dangerous.   Magenta  2012 Note to regular visitors and subscribers to “Bite-Sized …

Shit that pisses me off

Challenging thoughts about everyday things: casual day at the office, calling people Ms. and Mr., parenting without a license, flying a national flag, women’s fiction, drugs and sports, profit and loss, marriage, the weather report, hockey brawls, jury duty… Philosophy with attitude. Because the unexamined life is dangerous.   Magenta 2011 Note to regular visitors …

Sexist shit that pisses me off